Local Leaders Tighten Restrictions Further

Erath County Commissioners and Stephenville City Council both met separately Wednesday and passed new disaster declaration orders that go in to affect through April 1st. Both City and County officials will meet again in the coming days to determine whether to extend and/or amend the current orders.

City and county residentrs are still allowed to leave their homes to get essential food and household items and medical care, as well as engage in outdoor activities and travel to and from work or to care for a family member. However, no public or private social gatherings are allowed. Most businesses are still allowed to remain open, but must enact extreme care and precautions. The ordinance does limit the sale of toilet paper to one package or 12 rolls per purchase. Child care facilities may continue to operate under certain conditions and guidelines. The city order does close personal service businesses like salons, tattoo parlors, and massage businesses due to the one on one nature of contact. The city will not terminate utility services for the duration of the declaration.

The declaration alsop includes the city of Dublin.

As far as Comanche county, leaders there say there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 with residents there. However, there have been three confirmed cases that tested positive at Comanche County Medical Center. Comanche County laders, at this point, are strongly urging people to stay home and practice good hygiene and social distancing.