Erath County To Meet Again For Coronavirus Topics

Erath County, Dublin and Stephenville leaders are all working together in an effort to cope with the coronavirus problem as best as possible. The Erath County Commissioner’s Court has already met once ro declare a local emergency after the first case of COVID-19 turned up in the county.

Across the state, cases more than doubled since Friday to approaching 400, and eight deaths. A statement from County Judge Alfonso Campos says the county’s job at this point is to reduce the impact as much as possible on how this will affect our local hospital situation.

In the Stephenville area, there are as few as five ICU beds and a very small number of ventilators would be available. The commissioners court will be meeting again today with local hospital officials and others. A 2pm meeting is scheduled to discuss extending or expanding the declaration already issued by Judge Campos on the 19th.